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Re: RFS: alienarena2007

Andres Mejia wrote:
> License: The game client and dedicated server are under GPL
>              The game data files are under a CCPL, specifically, the
> Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported
> License <http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/>.

Therefore the data packages have to go in non-free, and the game at best
in contrib (if packaged as a separate source package). Your control file
needs to be changed to specify non-free/games etc as the section.

These two lines from the copyright file seem potentially problimatic:
| The source code is released under the GPL license and can be used or modified for any purpose, provided it too is released under the GPL license.
| Under no circumstances can ALIEN ARENA 2007 be sold or used for profit, without express consent from COR Entertainment.  ALIEN ARENA 2007 may be included in free compilation CD's and similar packages without consent, provided the archives remain unmodified.

Is the GPLed source code supposed to also be covered by this not-for-profit
clause? It is not very clear.

Also, there seem to be exe and dll files in the svn repository, which is
a bit questionable, especially if these happen to statically link in any
proprietary MS stuff.

> For convenience, I wrote a script <build-package.sh> to make building
> the packages from SVN easier. Running <debian/build-package.sh --all>
> from the top directory builds all packages. The packaging.README in
> the debian folder explains the other options available for the
> build-package.sh script and on building these packages using
> dpkg-buildpackage and pbuilder.

The way you've made debian/rules require BUILD_PACKAGE be set is not
good, because you can't rely on such an environment variable being set
when a package is built on the autobuilders. You either need one rules
file that builds everything each time (possibly with binary-<package>
sub-rules that can be called to build only one package if desired), or
you need to split the upstream source into multiple independant source
packages which can then be built independently in the usual way.

Before I could sponsor this I'd also need to know where the tarball is
I'm supposed to be building against, and would prefer if you pointed me
at a debian source package, not a svn repo. Other sponsors might vary.

Deleting things out of $HOME as the postrm tries to do is sure to net
you some bug reports sooner or later, and that line of code is best

Also, the various tests you have in the postinst and postrm to see if
the package is still installed are not the right way to do this. See
"6.5. Summary of ways maintainer scripts are called" in debian-policy.
Here's a more reasonable postrm:

#! /bin/sh -e
if [ "$1" = remove ]; then
	rm -f /usr/share/games/alienarena2007/arena/game.so
	rm -f /usr/share/games/alienarena2007/data1/game.so

Note that I added #DEBHELPER# markers too, which your maintainer scripts
seem to be lacking. Better yet, the postinst and postrm could be removed
entirely, and the symlinks they manage simply included in the deb.

see shy jo

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