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Re: QGFE, a couple of questions

* Giorgio Pioda <gfwp@ticino.com> [070513 14:12]:
> 1) The icons used by qgfe are taken from the following *.rpm:
> menu-icons-default-0.1-alt2.noarch.rpm
> which is distributed under GPL licence. Is it
> a problem? (I didn't succeed in finding the copyright of the icons, but
> I may resolve this in the future...)

If you only find them in the place they are supposed to be taken from,
and that archive claims a common copyright and license for all it
contents, it would be a good bet to assume they are made by those who
made the package (and thus claim copyright for it. I'm no lawyer, but
i guess believing people cannot be a problem if you have no hints or
reasons to mistrust them). Only make sure that your debian/copyright
files lists their copyright (a little more of additional information
cannot hurt, though).

> 2) In the debian/rules I didn't explicitly set CXXFLAGS, but these flags
> are set (spontaneusly and correctly) in the Makefile generated by qmake
> and fit the policy 10.1. Do I have to express CXXFLAG explicitly in
> debian/rules or is sufficient to leave the as is?

Actually 10.1 recommends to have different compile flags depending on
DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS. Having an easy no-brainer way for people to compile
your package with full debug information (i.e. -O0 -g and no stripping)
makes it much easier for people to file meaningful bug reports.
So unless your build system needs major patching to archieve this, I'd
strongly suggest it.

	Bernhard R. Link

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