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Re: RFS: ibpp

-=| David Paleino, Sat, 12 May 2007 16:21:31 +0200 |=-
> Well, I've found a reference to "libibpp" when trying to repackage
> gambas2 (in particular, the gb.db.firebird component, which provides
> firebird accessibility to gambas projects).

> > source (as flamerobin does). Your package is not a library one, but
> > still, did you talk to upstream stating your intention to package
> > IBPP?
> Well, not, I didn't talk to Olivier (or anybody else). I didn't think
> it was necessary.

It is not strictly required, but having a friendly communication with
upstream is very comfortable when you come to report bugs, request
enhancements etc, as part of the maintainer's job.

-=| David Paleino, Sat, 12 May 2007 16:25:00 +0200 |=-
> Some (bad) news: I've just found the ibpp sources included in gambas.
> D'oh. -.-'

It seems gambas developers followed IBPP author's recommendation

> Now, what should I do? Abandon the ITP (maybe a wontfix)? If any
> project using ibpp includes it in the sources, there's no reason in
> having this package.

I'd just close the bug (mailto:423507-done) with an explanation of the

Or, if you have time and energy, try to explain upstream why a
separate package would be a benefit.

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