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RFS/ITA: ample - A simple MP3 server easy to use (bug #424710)

Dear mentors,

I found that this package was orphan a couple of days ago.

* Package name : ample
* License : GPL

Brief Description:
ample  is a nice and simple mp3 server writen on C. 

Is not a fancy webcasting or *casting service, but it works nice to play
mp3s files trought a LAN or even internet with just a simple command

Even tat the upstreamer has no activity in a long time ago, the program
is reliable and simple to use, I've been using it for a while and I have
no complains :D

here it is the package on the debian archive: 

* Changelog entry:
* New Maintainer  (Closes: #424710)
* Updated to the policy standart version 3.7.2
    Non-UTF-8 Characters changed on the manpages
    debian/copyright updated with the new FSF address
    debian/watch added
    Added Homepage to long description
    debian/control -Build dep updated.

The full package(orig, dsc, diff, changes)
can be downloaded from:
dget http://rmayorga.org/debian/ample/ample_0.5.7-3.dsc

Kind Regards.

Rene Mauricio Mayorga   |          GPG: A209C305
http://rmayorga.org     |          
08B6 58AB A691 DD56 C30B  8D37 8040 19FA A209 C305

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