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Re: RFS: gisomount

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Oleksandr Moskalenko ha scritto:
> Just a note that if you haven't received any sponsoring offers yet you will
> be more successful on the debian-python list or in #debian-python IRC channell
> as there are a few people there who specifically sponsor python related
> packages.

Thank you, I'll remember that for future packages as well.

> Anyway, here are some notes for you to consider:
> * Some icons are CC 2.5 licensed - not good enough for Debian/main. You should
> resolve this.

How could I? Removing the files? I should find an alternative though. I'm
working on this.

> * Read
> http://www.debian.org/doc/packaging-manuals/python-policy/ap-packaging_tools.html#s-pycentral
> on how to use python-central for your Debian python packaging. The warnings
> that lintian and linda provide are there for a reason.

My package was lintian clean. Where did you read those warnings? :-)

> * Lounchpad lists another side as the source repository, so you might want to
> consider using that instead of lounchpad.

Where? I can't find any, sorry.

> * You are making a pure python package and yet you have ${shlibs:Depends},
> ${misc:Depends}, in you debian/control. Please read the Debian Python policy
> again.

Fixed, thanks.

> * Consider adding "Uploaders: Debian Python Modules Team
> <python-modules-team@lists.alioth.debian.org>" to your debian/control as it
> will make the on-going maintenance of your package easier.

Added the team as maintainer, and me as uploader.

> See http://python-modules.alioth.debian.org/python-modules-policy.html for more
> details.

Done. I've also requested membership to the team, so I can use the SVN
repository (already added XS-Vcs-* fields to debian/control).

> Regards,
> Alex.


P.S.: the package with the "incomplete" fixes is actually available on mentors.

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