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Re: ITA or ITP, for former Debian packages?

On 24 May 2007 16:38:58 -0700
"Robert J. Clay" <rjclay@gmail.com> wrote:

>      But what about closed ones?   The package I've started on
> (Fidogate) had 9 bugs against it;  8 of them closed by it being
> "removed from the Debian archive".    If they were still open, then
> most if not all would be closable by the new package I'll be working
> on.  

IMHO, if one or more of those bugs were release-critical, you should
fix those in the very first upload or your upload could be rejected.
Just put a note in the debian/changelog. Less serious bugs that have not
been fixed can be re-opened after the upload has been accepted. It may
also be worth commenting on which bugs have been fixed in the ITA,
prior to your upload.


Neil Williams

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