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Re: new here

On Fri, 2007-05-04 at 18:17 +0200, Nahuel ANGELINETTI wrote:
> What should I do when I choosed a package which interest me ?

Fix any bugs, update the package to the newest debian-policy, package
newer upstream releases, ... and enjoy stepping in the wonderful world
of Debian packaging! :)

Note that you will need to read some documentation about packaging and
about Debian procedures; it's too time consuming to guide you through
all steps in detail via debian-mentors.  The documentation is very
complete, so if you read the documents with your full attention, you
should find your way to what to do.

> Another question, does it more needed packages up for adoption or
> orphaned packages ?

You are completely free to choose what interests you most.  For a new
maintainer, it might be easier to adopt a simple orphaned package, add a
small fix (for example, add a manpage), and get it uploaded in Debian
via a sponsor.  Now you might ask, what's a sponsor? Well, that's
documented too. :)  Reading is gooood. :)

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