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Re: Can Fujitsu-Siemens Primergy Econel 50 run Debian Can I partition a disk and make it bootable for windows from linux? Can one create a "Change password on first login"? can't 'apt-get install' fr a site Can't access newsgroups withThunderbird Can't apt-get update with multiple releases in sources.list. can't find cd-devices with 'cdrecord -scanbus' Can't open files in gnome applications Can't set resolution for console Can't Setup/Configure Mailscanner / Can't Upgrade Mailscanner / Can't Uninstall Mailacanner can't the shell do a better job Can't upgrade gcc-3.3 (Device or resource busy) can't use usb printer in debian. can't write to floppy: no fd0 Cannot determine ethernet address for proxy ARP Cannot get Debian sarge/linux-2.6.10 to recognize Netgear PCI Card Cannot get resolution just by edit /etc/XF86Config PLS help. Cannot install foomatic-filters Cannot login in xdm Re: Cannot login in xdm[Resolved] Re: cannot obtain graphical mode Re: cannot open root device "801" cat & debian cat: /proc/net/ip_conntrack: No space left on device CD burner not working with kernel 2.6 CD burner not working with kernel 2.6 (update, I know what's going on) cd burning oddities CD Burning with HP CD-Writer 8200e USB CD Burning with HP CD-Writer 8200e USB/ sarge / kern 2.8.6 Cd burning with kernel 2.6.10 CD won't eject in 2.6.10 down ? cdrdao stops buring cdrecord bug? cdrecord error cdrecord not recognizing a pure SCSI cdrw? CDRW problem change display resolution? 800x600-->1024x768 changed subject Changing the format of a partition changing the mountpoint for CD-ROM|RW Re: changing the mountpoint for CD-ROM|RW , Related Question Changing Video drivers in Sarge chattr non-root users Check if dir is empty Clarification concerning security of testing on a laptop cleanlinks breaks xterm and apt Colorized ls problem Colour Printing comand-line GRUB Command Line Completion for Programs? Compare iso to cdrom image Comparing the contents of .tar or .tar.gz files? Compile error re. hostap with 2.6.10 compile module without compiling it for current kernel compiling kernel backports for woody a compiling problem Compiling Vanilla 2.4.22 Kernel Help Needed Compiling xterm with 256-color support Computer Name and IP Address Re: Conexant Accessrunner Configuring exim4 (for use with mutt) Conflicts found in /proc/interrupts confused. sarge raid5 -should i use mdadm or raidtools2 Confusion on log rotating Connect to a smarthost on a port different than 25? RE: Connecting securely to a Linux machine from a web browser wit hout Java Re: Connecting securely to a Linux machine from a web browser wit hout Java Connecting securely to a Linux machine from a web browser without Java connection speed when using pon Re: Connection timeouts with SSH and CVS Console Errors conversion of a .deb file into a windows-readable form convert ext2 to ext3 Re: convert ext2 to ext3 - no luck yet Re: convert ext2 to ext3 - success! Convert individual Raid1 drive to standard Ext3 drive howto? Converting PDF documents to text Converting stock 2.6.8 config.gz to a custom .config copy dvd Copying users from one system to another!! Courier-imap & squirrelmail: Maildir structure problem. CppUnit: ./ undefined reference to 'dlclose' Crash with make menuconfig creating .debs? Creating /dev/md* device files creating a local mirror creating new users on debian cron limits CrystalSpace (PlaneShift) SIGSEGV - gcc bug? CUPS loses print jobs Re: CUPS loses print jobs MORE CUPS Print Reversed CUPS question, reconfigure for jetdirect/socket. Cups wont print. Job aborted. :-( cupsd usage rises to 90+% Custom GNOME menus gone cut&paste doest not work with mozilla-firefox on some hosts? CVS and terminal values CVS Homedir --> SVN Homedir Cyrillic fonts on Firefox? Daemon Programming DaqBoard/2005 dbischema [ was: Re: [OT], Database Comparer ] Dear , please check this out immediately DEBIAN + HARDWARE Debian 64 bit on servers Re: Debian and Dell? Debian and Fedora on one drive? Debian ASUS K8V-X install on SATA System Hard Drive Debian bastion host Debian distribution of BRL-CAD query Debian Install: EN 2000 PnP network Card Debian installer Debian kernel vs kernels The last update was on 18:32 GMT Sun Nov 12. There are 4496 messages. Page 2 of 9.

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