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Re: can't the shell do a better job

on Sat, Jan 01, 2005 at 02:52:12PM +0800, Smith a (sqrt_3@hotmail.com) wrote:
> when i am in command line , i often use up arrow key to get commands used 
> before, but if i have used a command several times,  the up arrow key will 
> display the same command several times, this is not welcome.  
> ~/.bash_history contains the commands used before, can the shell display 
> the same command just once?

Sure, but reverse-search-history is probably what you want:


...recalls the most recently occuring line matching <string>.

Repeating the C-r (that's <ctrl>-r BTW) finds the next prior match.

Very useful that.  I'd actually used bash for a few years before having
it pointed out to me.


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