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Re: Debian Install: EN 2000 PnP network Card

Quoting James Cummings <cummings.james@gmail.com>:

> Hiya,
> I'm trying to install debian on an old machine with a 
> windows network card.  The card says on it:
> EN2000 PnP
> but also:
> "Win 95 Plug & Play"
> I believe this means it is probably impossible to get working.  When I
> boot off my install floppies (current unstable installer) it doesn't
> detect a network card.
> In another console more /proc/pci doesn't list anything that looks
> promising either.
> Should I just give up?
I would not give up just yet.  But it will be difficult for anyone to help
without more details.  What is the output of 'lspci -vvv'?  Also, which
version of the Debian installer are you using?


Roberto Sanchez

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