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RE: convert ext2 to ext3

Jacob S wrote:
> Peter Teunissen <oneman@oneword.demon.nl> wrote:
>> Since noflushd performs poorly with ext3, I want to convert my
>> filesystem from ext3 to ext2. Googling around gave me only a vague
>> impression on what to do. Can someone explain how to go about this or
>> point me to a good how-to, manual, etc.?
> It's pretty simple, really. Edit /etc/fstab with your favorite text
> editor and change any instances of ext3 with ext2. Now remount the
> devices and you're done. (If one of the ext3 devices to be mounted as
> ext2 is /, you will probably find it easiest to remount via reboot.)

Don't you also have to create the journal?

tune2fs -j /dev/name

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