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Re: change display resolution? 800x600-->1024x768

I could be wrong, but it sounds to me like your computer IS displaying
in 1024x768.  Your monitor is not properly stretching the screen to
fill the display.

Sometimes when you first setup a system, or alter the video settings,
you have to fiddle with the monitor's knobs/buttons to stretch and
move the display horizontally and/or vertically to make it fit the
screen properly.  Every monitor is a little different.  But by pushing
a button or twisting a knob you should see an OSD (On Screen Display)
that gives you options for stretching/moving the screen horizontally
and vertically.

Some LCDs have a button you can push that will automatically adjust
the display to fit the screen.

Hope this helps,


On Mon, 10 Jan 2005 09:35:23 -0500, Charles Read
<debianlist@charlesread.com> wrote:
> Hey everybody!
> Kind of simple question here... how do I change the resolution that my
> new Debian system displays in?  I know I selected 1024x768 during
> install but during the boot process, login screen and in the graphical
> desktop everything is in 800x600 with about 3 inches of black screen
> surrounding the image on all sides.  How can I change this to 1024x768
> and thus cover the entire screen (as my monitor is 1024x768)?  I tried
> doing it through the Control Center in KDE but 1024x768 was not listed
> as a choice...
> Thanks bunches!
> Charles Read
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