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Re: CD won't eject in 2.6.10

On Tue, 2005-01-25 at 12:59 +0000, Anthony Campbell wrote:
> Unlike some posters, I don't have problems writing CDs in 2.6.10 (as
> root) but I do have an eject problem. Once I mount the disk (in a
> read-only drive) I can no longer open the drawer manually after

With the button?  How do you open the tray, then?  Reboot?  Or
use eject(1)?

> umounting it.
> I thought it was a faulty drive and replaced it but the same thing
> happened. I therefore reverted to kernel 2.6.9 and the problem went
> away. Anyone else seeing this? I didn't find it on Google.

  $ uname -r
  $ mount /media/cdrom
  $ umount /media/cdrom
  $ eject

What *exact* command (with switchs, if any) fails?

Ron Johnson, Jr.
Jefferson, LA USA
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$ python -c 'print len(str(2**3000000))'

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