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Re: Connecting securely to a Linux machine from a web browser without Java

Tj wrote:

Julian Gilbey wrote:

Hi there!

Does anyone have any ideas on the following?  I'm trying to connect to
a Linux machine using some secure protocol, but I'm in the situation
of having to use a Windows machine with no JVM installed.  I'm also
not in a position to modify the Windows machine in any way (although
I'll try to get Java installed - but with no guarantee of success),
but it's my Linux machine, so I can install anything I want to there.

Any ideas whether this is even possible?


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Webmin is for your linux machine. Once installed, depending on your
firewall config on your linux box, you can manage your linux box from
anywhere in the world through a web browser. No need to install JVM,
putty, or tweak anything in windows for that matter. You can even run
webmin over SSL through your browser.

- tj

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