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Re: Connecting securely to a Linux machine from a web browser wit hout Java

On Wed, Jan 26, 2005 at 09:39:42AM -0800, Kirchner, Patrick wrote:
> Hi there!
> Does anyone have any ideas on the following?  I'm trying to connect to a
> Linux machine using some secure protocol, but I'm in the situation of having
> to use a Windows machine with no JVM installed.  I'm also not in a position
> to modify the Windows machine in any way (although I'll try to get Java
> installed - but with no guarantee of success), but it's my Linux machine, so
> I can install anything I want to there.
> Any ideas whether this is even possible?
>    Julian
> ----------------------------
> Julian,
> If you can at least download a file, you could try putty and ssh and login
> to a shell.  There's no need to install putty on the Windows machine, just
> use the binary executable. 

Thanks!  They have told me they won't let me run putty (it's a Windows
executable :/), so I was thinking Mindterm....  I will push for them
to install Java for other legitimate reasons.

Mind you, they're really security conscious.  They created an account
for me and asked me to tell them what password I would like.  Shocked,
I gave them my first name as my password, and they created the account
without marking the password as expired!

Sysadmins from hell?  Nearly ;)


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