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Re: Debian installer

On Thu, 2005-01-06 at 16:31 +0000, Fredrik Lindberg wrote:
> Hi!
> I installed sarge the other day and I noticed a feature that would be very 
> nice in the installer. When you are asked if your system clock is set to GMT 
> there is no obvious way of resetting the system clock if it is wrong. I 
> think it would be nice if there were a button there where you could adjust 
> system time. The only option now, if I have not missed something, is to 
> restart the machine and correct system time in the bios before you continnue 
> installation. The main issue is that all files created during install can 
> get the wrong date and time if you do not do this.

That's a good suggestion. Have you filed a bug report to suggest it?

Alex Malinovich
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