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Re: connection speed when using pon

On Sunday 30 January 2005 20:23, Paul wrote:
>Gene Heskett wrote:
>> On Sunday 30 January 2005 17:55, Paul wrote:
>>>Is there a way to get the modem connection speed when using
>>>pppconfig's pon?
>>>I've tried this tip (by googling):
>>>but it doesn't work .. maybe pppd and pppconfig are different now
>>>than in 1998.
>> Generally speaking, such an option is not available because the
>> protocol between the modems automaticly selects the fastest,
>> reasonably error free speed that can be obtained from that line. 
>> All this takes place in the background, and if the line proves to
>> be too noisey, a 'retrain' session may interrupt your download
>> while the modems re-negotiate a slower, less error prone speed. 
>> The speed options you see on your side of the modem generally are
>> confined to the seriel port to modem linkage, and for a 57kilobaud
>> connection between the modems, it can be as high as 230kilobaud,
>> but this is only up and down the cable.  The modems do the
>> buffering there.
>Thanks .. I now see that the file /var/log/ppp-connect-errors:
>root :/var/log# cat ppp-connect-errors
>Closing "/etc/ppp/speed".
>chat:  Jan 30 17:42:50 CONNECT 45333
>Closing "/etc/ppp/speed".
>chat:  Jan 30 18:01:18 CONNECT 49333
>chat:  Jan 30 18:16:52 CONNECT 46667
>chat:  Jan 30 18:32:37 CONNECT 48000
>chat:  Jan 30 20:10:22 CONNECT 48000
>so, this apparently is what it thinks it's connected at.  I don't
>understand why this appears here instead of in /etc/ppp/speed, where
> the chat -r' option should be putting it.  But, it's something
> anyway.
>Are you saying this isn't a meaningful number to use to compare
>connection speed?

No, these are meaningfull numbers alright, and thats the actual speed 
the data is moving.  And thats not too bad a phone line, I've had 
ciruits only 3 miles from the CO that couldn't maintain a 33k circuit 
over a 10 minute period.


Cheers, Gene
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