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Wonder if anyone can help:

1. Is there anywhere a general list of compatible hardware with DEBIAN
(WOODY) b2.4 - to run in x86 based systems? By compatible I mean
drivers tried and tested with DEBIAN and known to be reliable ...

2. I'm looking for the following:
--- UK-based DEBIAN (WOODY) b2.4 compatible Parallel ATA disk
controller - for use with software RAID 1? So have two IDE drives each
on separate disk controller - hence looking for tried and tested
second disk controller.

--- UK-based DEBIAN (WOODY) b2.4 compatible hardware RAID 1 controller?

And by UK-based I mean something I can buy in the UK e.g. from
www.dabs.co.uk or www.scan.co.uk ....

Any help gratefully received,
Thanks, Jim.

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