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Re: Conflicts found in /proc/interrupts

> Well, move the order of the cards around and resetting the BIOS resource
> config probably will help greatly. Most NICs hate to share. But then so
> do many nvidia cards.

On the motherboard there are 4 buses for the audiocard and NIC to share
(short white ones). Anything placed in bus-1 gives a conflict with 
'usb-uhci' and placed in bus 4 gives a conflict with 'nvidia'. A conflict
between eth0 and usb-uhci was disasterous for eth0. If audio and NIC uses
bus 2 & 3 (doesn't matter wich card uses wich bus) I get the conflict
between eth0 and Audio.
What just accured to me was that I moved the audiocard a week ago, after
the problems with sound because of torrent/sound-conflict from bus 4 to
bus 3 (NIC in bus 2) this means the audio had a conflict with nvidia in
the first place.

> What kind of a motherboard do you have?

I'm not quite sure. I opend my box and read these details off the card
itself. See details below:
-Intel PCISet
-Several smaller chips where marked 'Winbond'
-This is mosy likely a manufacturers name: KBPo  (written with a mirrored B)
-Found a serial number nearby the manufacturers name: "FW82443BX"

> Provide that and I ccould take a look at the user-guide and see if it
> has slots that WON'T share interrupts. Otherwise sometime you just have
> to work with it.

I googled for the specs on this card, found nothing. Is it possible the
specs I've found on this board is not enough?

> BTW, all the numbers 0 - 15 are the important ones.
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