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Re: Debian Install: EN 2000 PnP network Card

James Cummings wrote:
> I'm trying to install debian on an old machine with a 
> windows network card.  The card says on it:
> EN2000 PnP
> but also:
> "Win 95 Plug & Play"
> I believe this means it is probably impossible to get working.  When I
> boot off my install floppies (current unstable installer) it doesn't
> detect a network card.

The installer does not bother to try to autodetect ISA ethernet cards.
Once it fails to detect the card it will prompt you with a list of
modules and types of cards. Since this is a ne2k clone you should select
the ne module. It's possible that simply loading the module with no
parameters will fail, if so the installer will prompt you for module
parameters and you may need to pass it io port and irq info; see the
kernel docs for the ne module and/or your card for details.

Alternatively, spend $15 on a decent pci network card..

see shy jo

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