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Re: dbischema [ was: Re: [OT], Database Comparer ]

I am wondering whether any of the people who said they though this
program "dbischema" would be useful to them have had time to look at it
yet.  Having cleaned it up and published it in response to your
requests, I would appreciate any feedback, even if only
"it sucks because..."!  thanks.


P.S. I think this is one situation where top-posting is appropriate.  :P

On Tue, Jan 04, 2005 at 04:38:29AM +1100, Sam Watkins wrote:
> Hi there, database people.  I have persuaded my database munger program
> "dbischema" to work properly again, written some manpages for it, and
> put it in a .deb  The company I wrote it for has given me permission to
> release it under the GPL.
>   http://nipl.net/dbischema/
> Dbischema lets you automatically update database schemas from an XML
> file which describes the schema in a fairly-much DBMS-independent way
> (although it only works properly with PostgreSQL and mysql so far).
> It can also port a database from mysql to PostgreSQL or vice-versa.
> A DBMS-independent data dump / restore tool "dbidump" is included.
> I have changed dbischema a fair bit in the last few days, and although
> I have tested it quite a bit, there are likely to be LOTS OF BUGS.
> Be very careful if you use it on real databases, and make backups!
> The manpages and an example schema are online:
>   http://nipl.net/dbischema/dbischema.1.html
>   http://nipl.net/dbischema/dbidump.1.html
>   http://nipl.net/dbischema/schema.txt
> Enjoy!
> (and have a good laugh at my insane Perl code)
> Sam

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