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Re: Clarification concerning security of testing on a laptop

On Tuesday 04 January 2005 23:30, Kent West wrote:

> My personal opinion? Skip Testing and go straight to Sid. You have
> more chance of breakage (although it's been very rare in my experience
> (about 3 years now)), but said breakage also tends to get fixed within
> hours instead of 10 days. Same for vulnerabilities. As soon as a
> vulnerability is found, if the developer/maintainer of that package is
> on the ball, the fix will be in Sid very quickly, perhaps even before
> it makes it into Stable. You also get newer toys to play with.

I'd also recommend installing the apt-listbugs package, so that when you
apt-get upgrade, you get the opportunity to pin some of your existing
packages according to the bug reports on the newer versions.

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