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RE: Computer Name and IP Address

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> hahahahahahahahaha.... (lol)
> I couldn't breakin to a wet paper bag.... (lol)  I'm new to 
> debian and am trying to use it to do EVERYTHING!!!... (lol)  
> I have a LAN that I'm in charge of and I'm trying to get 
> control over it.  My main goal is to be able to access the 
> machines remotely, using TightVNC.  I do not want to access 
> them using an IP address.  Doing this will also give me a 
> good idea of how many machines are out there without walking 
> around the whole building.

Just my $.02 here, unless you already know about it, you might want to look
at grdesktop to connect to XP machines, it's quite nice.


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