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can't write to floppy: no fd0

Hi all,

I've dist-upgraded a stock woody powermac 7600 to sarge and installed kernel 2.6.8-powerpc. Now I get an error when writing to the floppy drive. For examle, I tried to write sarge boot floppies:

   $ sudo dd if=boot.img of=dev/fd0 bs=1024 conv=sync ; sync
   dd: opening `dev/fd0': No such file or directory

in /etc/dev/ I see lots of device files starting with 'fd' and running ./MAKEDEV update doesn't solve the problem either.

I did some googling and found something about modules not being part of the kernel. But there I'm lost. What modules do I need, how can I tell if they're installed and how do I add them when needed? Or is there some other cause / solution?

Help much appreciated,

Peter Teunissen

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