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dbischema [ was: Re: [OT], Database Comparer ]

Hi there, database people.  I have persuaded my database munger program
"dbischema" to work properly again, written some manpages for it, and
put it in a .deb  The company I wrote it for has given me permission to
release it under the GPL.


Dbischema lets you automatically update database schemas from an XML
file which describes the schema in a fairly-much DBMS-independent way
(although it only works properly with PostgreSQL and mysql so far).
It can also port a database from mysql to PostgreSQL or vice-versa.
A DBMS-independent data dump / restore tool "dbidump" is included.

I have changed dbischema a fair bit in the last few days, and although
I have tested it quite a bit, there are likely to be LOTS OF BUGS.
Be very careful if you use it on real databases, and make backups!

The manpages and an example schema are online:



(and have a good laugh at my insane Perl code)


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