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Re: Cannot get resolution just by edit /etc/XF86Config PLS help.

???? wrote:

So sorry to have embarrased you,
by writing in a wrong lang.

I have Debian sarge installed
in second PC. chipset is
845GE and my graphical board
is on-board controled.

With Knoppix the setting is OK
(1280x1024 resolution is acquired)

But with Debian sarge only
800x600 is selectable via
GUI selectors.

look at the Knoppix X config file (it's probably /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 but check if that's the one really used, IIRC X logs say which config was used) and see what are the differences between Knoppix and Debian config files. That way you should be able to figure out how to fix Debian config file.

  what to look for:

  video card: Section "Device", Driver)

  monitor: Section "Monitor", HorizSync, VertRefresh)

screen definition: Section "Screen", the one that uses you monitor and video card setting, see which one is the DefaultDepth and make sure that it has Modes you want

server layout: Section "ServerLayout", make sure it uses stuff you checked above (it's of no use to have the Mode line configured in a non-used Screen section:-)

also check the X server logs, it says which modes it enables, if some modes are disabled it tells you why, also any errors loading modules are there etc.


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