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Re: Can I partition a disk and make it bootable for windows from linux?

Andrew Walbran wrote:

> On Sun, 23 Jan 2005 6:58 am, Spongebob wrote:
>> How can I make grub start windows in safe mode?
> You don't. GRUB chain-loads the Windows boot-loader, you should enter safe
> mode in the same way as you would if you weren't using GRUB (from memory
> you press F8 while Windows is loading; it may depend what version of
> Windows you are using).

Is there any way to make grub delay a little? Windows is beyond the point 
where I can use the key (it's F5, I forget what F8 does -- command line 
maybe?) to enter safe mode really fast. I have about the time of a fast 
mouse double-click to press F5 after hitting enter in the grub menu.

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