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Re: Colour Printing

Basically, you calibrate the screen to the printer. If you print out a
black to white gradient or a greyscale step scale {greys in graduated
steps from white to black.} you can match the screen to the printed
output and vice versa. Do this a few times and you'll start to get
pretty close. I'm sure there are other calibration tools out there
{Debian's changed a bit in the past year or so since I've used it. I'm
sure there are people better qualified to tell you what's available than
I am.} that will give you a more comprehensive way of doing things but,
in short, you want to match the printer to the screen.

On Wed, 2005-01-26 at 17:34 +1100, Keith Bates wrote:
> I've been trying to print colour images and generally the results have
> been very flat... very disappointing for the digital photos.
> After fiddling with GIMP, I've found that I can adjust the gamma setting
> to 2 to get a decent output- but then the preview on the screen is
> lighter than the actual output. Also, that doesn't actually fix the
> problem for other software applications such as Open Office.
> Is there anyway to fix the printer settings so that what I see is what I
> get?
> I'm using CUPS, HP DeskJet 830C with the HP software drivers installed.
> Thanks
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