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Re: Cannot login in xdm

On Wednesday 26 January 2005 18:04, Punit Ahluwalia wrote:
> I upgraded to Sarge and selected KDE and removed Gnome. Since then I cannit
> login in qny of the window managers (kdm, xdm). I completely uninstalled
> xfree86 and kde, and resinstalled xfree86 with xdm. The problem still
> remains.
> I can login through the console.
> Need help!

 Hi  Punit

       you said that you can longin as root in console mode? 
If so have a try at installing kdm. kde's login app.
I would say allso to remove the other login apps ie, xdm and gdm if they are 
installed. I had the same problem with sarge of not being able to login by 
kdm after a dist-upgrade  Unstalling kdm and installing it again sorted the 
problem out here. why ?? .
                     all the best.

                                peter cotlon

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