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Re: Debian and Fedora on one drive?


Karoo (<kleinjie@kopjie.com>) wrote:

> I recently bought a 40 GB Maxtor and loaded Fedora onto the first 20
> GB, leaving 20 GB free.
> Fedora was working O.K. so I loaded Debian Sarge onto the free 20 GB.
> During the Debian install Grub wanted to know where to be put (out of
> 3 options) and I chose the MBR. I was hoping it wouldn't happen but of
> course it did, it overwrote the Fedora bootloader.
> I don't want to know how to fix this, just how does one make the
> install work for two distros.

Several ways:

1. You install the Sarge loader into one of the Sarge partitions, and
tell the Fedora loader to load the Sarge partition like you configure
it to load Windows (with the chainloader option)

2. You do it the other way around

3. You tell the Fedora bootloader to load the Sarge kernel directly.
Only one bootloader configuration, for the bootloader installed on the
Fedora system.

best regards
 Andreas Janssen

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