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Re: cd burning oddities

on Mon, Jan 03, 2005 at 05:43:25AM +0100, Chrissie Brown (x.chrissie.x@t-online.de) wrote:
> Hello!
> Me and a friend of mine are both running Debian unstable, Kernel 2.6.7. At
> the last dist-upgrade ~1 month ago we began suffering from the following
> issues:
> I am a Gnome User and want to burn a Data CD via eroaster. I get the
> following Message:
> A programming error has been detected during the execution of this program.
> It probably isn't fatal, but should be reported to the developers nonetheless.
> Traceback (most recent call last):
> File "/usr/lib/eroaster/Application.py", line 760, in BurnWriterOptions
> self.BurnCDNow()
> File "/usr/lib/eroaster/Application.py", line 829, in BurnCDNow
> cdrecord = cdrtools.cdrecord(channel, id, lun, self.devWriter.get_text(), self.cat.get_loglevel())
> File "/usr/lib/eroaster/cdrtools.py", line 124, in init
> self.__cdrecord_read_version()
> File "/usr/lib/eroaster/cdrtools.py", line 249, in __cdrecord_read_version
> for i in range(len(version[1])):
> IndexError: list index out of range
> So far, so good, no Problem, i can burn Data CDs via k3b or the command
> Line. But, have i discovered a new debian bug or are there some
> workarounds?

Check against the BTS (bugtracking system:  http://bugs.debian.org/).

If you don't see a bug filed, file one.
No clue WRT your groisofs bug.

FWIW:  it's generally better to keep one topic per mail, and indicate
the problem in your subject line.


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