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Re: Compiling xterm with 256-color support

Hugo Vanwoerkom <hvw59601@care2.com> wrote:
> Thomas Dickey wrote:
>> 	ftp://invisible-island.net/temp/utf8-demo.png
>> and the bugs you're describing were fixed in patch #189 (see "xterm -v").

> Nice job. But what was the commandline you used for that screenshot?
> I compiled your tar.gz with --enable-256-color --enable-wide-chars 
> --with-Xaw3d and which xterm is in /usr/local/bin but execution gets the 
> same ugly black screen from before.

That screenshot is showing one of the test-files from lynx.  I compiled lynx
with ncursesw, and ran xterm using the uxterm wrapper (so the locale and fonts
are setup properly).

The description of the layout (15% visible) in the original posting sounded
like a problem with Xaw7 (someone changed the behavior when it finds dimensions
that are initialized to zero - and I eventually traced through the library to
find that and work around it in patch #189).  Or it could be that I'm
misreading the comment.  Without more information, I can only guess.

The Xaw buttons aren't as attractive as some others, but my intent for that
was to make a toolbar with Xaw which could be adapted to some other toolkits
using the same general approach - allowing xterm to be built with different
toolkits.  (But since that's not the only thing I work on, it's not done yet).

Thomas E. Dickey

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