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Re: Can't Setup/Configure Mailscanner / Can't Upgrade Mailscanner / Can't Uninstall Mailacanner

On Mon, 17 Jan 2005, Leonard Chatagnier wrote:

> Well, its been four days and no reply.  What gives, don't I deserve some 
> consideration as the other users do?  I do need help
> on this and other issues I have with Debian GNU/Linux.  Again, please help.

it's the weekend, there was a bigg meeting of the secret club... paid
members get some replies :-)

apt-get remove Mailacanner
-- or --
dpkg -r Mailacanner

you can guess what "upgrade" is compared to "remove"

> > This Newbie needs serious help with resolving Mailscanner issues in 
> > subject.

"what kind of resolving" problems ...

setup/configure as in the subject is NOT the same as resolving

> > apt-get upgrage re: Mailacanner.  If anyone of you good, kind, helpful 
> > souls can tell me how to copy the tty output of an
> > apt-get upgrade and paste it into an email, it would be most helpful 

run the app .. use the mouse to highlight the stuff you want to paste
into the email
	- use left+right mouse buttons at the same time to past
	or use the middle mouse button to paste 
	or use "shift insert" to paste

- it's always best to post the error message exactly, without
  interpretation/translation of what you think is wrong

c ya

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