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Re: cleanlinks breaks xterm and apt


On Mon, Jan 24, 2005 at 04:51:52PM -0500, Hollis Easter wrote:
> [... cleanlinks disaster ...]

cleanlinks is dangerous, it wasn't never meant for general system
maintenance and doesn't work as advertised in its manpage. Some people
on this list once stumbled over this, which resulted in a clumsy
bugreport, see <http://bugs.debian.org/204363>[0].

> The first thing I noticed was that xterm no longer works. Indeed, `which
> xterm` gives no result. I thought I would reinstall it, to make sure
> that everything is fine.
> [...]
> I am now in way over my head, and my system appears to be breaking. I've
> exhausted the options I could think of for fixing the problems. There
> may well be others that I haven't found yet.

There are some hints starting at
i.e. you could start downloading and installing files manually via
dpkg or even ar until the basic infrastructure works again. Download
sources of distinct package versions are <http://snapshot.debian.net>
for testing/unstable and the official mirrors for stable. You could
find what package a (missing) file belongs to via

Perhaps only a few reinstalled packages will suffice for further
reconstruction via apt-get --reinstall install <package>. Good luck!


[0] No, I'm not particularly proud of it :)

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