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Re: Cannot install foomatic-filters

Jeff Johnston <jjohnston28 <at> cox.net> writes:

> Greetings,
> First of all thanks to the developers for the best distro I've ever
> used.
> I'm attempting to get my HP PSC 1315 to work.  I have two machines
> running Debian at the moment, one named Gandalf and the other is
> Mythbox.  I have installed foomatic-filters on mythbox and everything
> works perfectly.
> On Gandalf I get the following errors when I attempt to install
> foomatic-filters:
> If I do not have the folder /etc/foomatic I receive this error

this folder is part of the foomatic-filters package. It is created before the
setup. Check you have read write permission on the filesystem with contain /etc
"mount" without parameter output if the filesystem is ro or rw. You can check on
which fs is /etc with df /etc.
> Unpacking foomatic-filters (from .../foomatic-filters_3.0.2-3_all.deb)
> ...
> Setting up foomatic-filters (3.0.2-3) ...
> /bin/bash: line 39: [: too many arguments

Have you installed any spooler (cupsys , lpd, ...) ?

You should report the bug to debian with the "reportbug" tool too.


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