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Re: Cups wont print. Job aborted. :-(

On Mon, 2005-01-24 at 12:17 +0100, Michael Bernhard Sørensen wrote:

> I'd say that both computers use the same version of CUPS. So it should not matter which computer it is.

Except that, when one computer has a printer directly connected to it
(parallel, serial, or USB port), CUPS sets up that computer as the
"server" and all the others send to CUPS on the server when they want to
print -- it doesn't go directly to the printer -- and the server prints
it. So the desktop is going to have to work before anything else can.

> /"Connected to host, sending print job..."/
> Device URI: socket://

This looks like CUPS thinks your parallel port printer is an
"AppSocket/HP JetDirect" type. For that type of printer, CUPS tries to
open a TCP connection to port 9100 on IP on the LAN. 

I don't know of any way to change this without deleting the existing
printer and creating a new one -- like you did before. The first step in
creating the new one is to name the printer. 

Then in the second step, there's a drop-down menu where you tell CUPS
the hardware method to talk to the printer. AppSocket... is the default
(on mine it is, anyway) but down the list a bit, there are 2 choices for
parallel port printers. I don't know why or what the difference is, but
my guess is that you want one of them.

> I have a third computer running with a working CUPS, but I haven't upgraded that one for some time. 
> I do not dare to upgrade that one until CUPS is running again on the other 2 computers.

Please don't tell me it's printing on the printer connected to the
desktop. I hope there's a printer directly connected to it or a
JetDirect on its Ethernet. Otherwise my understanding of what's going on
in CUPS is in need of significant overhaul...

Glenn English

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