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Re: creating a local mirror

On Wednesday 05 January 2005 13:11, David T-G wrote:
> Hi, all --
> I would like to create my own mirror for the purpose of installing
> (perhaps with an upgrade along the way) Sarge via debootstrap and
> apt-get since my DSL connection is a lot more like dialup.
> I don't have an infinite amount of space, but I'd be surprised if I
> really needed more than 6G-8G or so, which I certainly can do.  But
> how to get the contents -- and, more importantly, the right contents?
>  Is there a build-a-mirror HOWTO out there?


Although I've found apt-cacher to be more practical for the task of 
installing a small number of machines with more or less similar 
configuration. It just makes sure that you only download each package 
once, on a on-demand basis.

Happy new year!


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