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Re: Crash with make menuconfig

At last, I have install the required version of libc6-dev,
libncurses5-dev, that way:
- download the packages in a debs/testing ou debs/unstable directory
the distribution  (I have a dial up modem only)
- made two override files with lines like
"libc6-dev standard testing" or "udev standard unstable" (depending on
the dir)
- from the parent dir debs:
dpkg-scanpackages testing testing/override|gzip>testing/Packages.gz
idem to make Packages.gz in dir unstable
- In /etc/apt/sources.list added:
deb file:/root/debs testing/
deb file:/root/debs unstable/
- apt-cdrom add, for my cd (woody) and changed in sources.list
"unstable" to
- changed the files names in /var/lib/apt/lists: ...dist_unstable... to
- apt-get update
- install the required version of libc6-dev with
apt-get -t testing install libc6-dev
- I have not install udev now, I would like to find how to have the
which are now working with the 2.4 kernel, still working (under 2.4)
once udev has done his job under 2.6 kernel.
Hope all this is correct and will be usefull to someone else

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