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Re: Can I partition a disk and make it bootable for windows from linux?

Spongebob wrote:

Kent West wrote:
Spongebob wrote:
Is there any way to make grub delay a little? Windows is
beyond the point where I can use the key (it's F5, I forget
what F8 does -- command line
maybe?) to enter safe mode really fast. I have about the time
of a fast mouse double-click to press F5 after hitting enter
in the grub menu.
I'm using Win98. I don't seem to have boot.ini.
Whereas I couldn't find anything in the manual for grub that would do
what you need, you can do it from the Windows side. Add something like
this to your config.sys file in Windows98:

MENUITEM=dummy_entry,Windows 98
MENUITEM=win98,Windows 98



<rest of config.sys goes here>
Do you really mean config.sys? That looks more like the syntax for system.ini or win.ini.

Yes, I really mean config.sys. It was a little-known technique, that relatively few are aware of.


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