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Re: Can I partition a disk and make it bootable for windows from linux?

On Mon, 24 Jan 2005 18:48:44 -0500
Spongebob <NadaSpam@adelphia.net> wrote:

> I'm using Win98. I don't seem to have boot.ini.

On Win98 there is a hidden file named msdos.sys that you should find in the root of your Windows partition, you can put some options in there.

Default: 0
Purpose: A setting of 1 enables the startup menu. If this setting is 0, then you must press the F8 key when "Starting Windows" appears to invoke the startup menu.

Default: 1 if the system is running correctly, 4 if the system hung in the previous instance
Purpose: Use this setting to set the default menu item for startup.

Default: 30
Purpose: This setting is used to set the number of seconds your system will pause on the startup menu. If the number of seconds counts down to 0 without intervention, the BootMenuDefault is activated.

See http://www.annoyances.org/exec/show/article07-021 for more options.

Later, Seeker

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