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Daemon Programming

I hope you can help me. I have made a program that will be listening
to a port. I want to start the program every time the machine boots,
so I created the script to use in init.d and Ive also created the

The machine boots, and the programs starts. I use ps ax and I can see
that the program is running, I use netstat -an, and I can see the port
is open. When I use a client program, the server doesnt answer. I use
strace -p  <PID_of_SERVER>, and I see that the server is receiving the
data, the program also saves the data in a log file. But the real 
action is not performed.

If I restart the program by hand, /etc/init.d/my_serverd restart, and
I use again the client program, the server works fine. I really dont
have any idea, what´s happening.

Does anyone have any idea why this would occur?


Sergio Cuéllar Valdés

"Meine Hoffnung soll mich leiten
Durch die Tage ohne Dich
Und die Liebe soll mich tragen
Wenn der Schmerz die Hoffnung bricht"

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