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Re: convert ext2 to ext3

Andreas Janssen píše v Pá 14. 01. 2005 v 15:53 +0100:

Peter Teunissen (<oneman@oneword.demon.nl>) wrote:

> Since noflushd performs poorly with ext3, I want to convert my
> filesystem from ext3 to ext2. Googling around gave me only a vague
> impression on what to do. Can someone explain how to go about this or
> point me to a good how-to, manual, etc.?

I think changing the fs type from ext3 to ext2 in your fstab, unmounting
and mounting it (or rebooting if it is your root fs) is all you need to

best regards
 Andreas Janssen

Andreas Janssen <andreas.janssen@bigfoot.com>
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Hello ,
I've got one experience, with changing ext3 to ext2 when I need to resize partition with ext3. I tried parted and QTparted, but this program doesn't support resize ext3 filesystems directly. I changed ext3 to ext2, remount, but parted still display fs as ext3 even result of mount was ext2. I think that problem was maybe in .journal file which still exists in / directory. Maybe type of filesystem is stored in superblock. I don't know exactly.

Somewhere a I seen method how to remove journal... Attention! backup data and run fsck before remove .journal. I was never tried this command :-)

1. run fsck
2. change ext3 -> ext2 in fstab.
2. remount or reboot
3. tune2fs -O ^has_journal /dev/?d?
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