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Re: cdrecord bug?

Bill Marcum wrote:
On Sun, 2005-01-23 at 23:48 +0100, Erik Svensson wrote:

I made a fresh sarge install last week and opend k3b as user and burned
cd´s without any problem. Yesterday when I ran "apt-get dist-upgrade" it
upgraded cdrecord and from that point on I can´t burn as user (root
works fine). The message I get as user is:
cdrecord returned an unknown error (error 12).
can´t allocate memory.
Is it a known bug or a way around this?

What kernel do you have?  If it's 2.6.8, get used to burning CDs as root.

I keep seeing the comment that 2.6.8 users have to burn as root, but I
have been using 2.6.8 for months and regularly burn CDs as an
unprivileged user.  Should I be experiencing problems as well?

-Roberto Sanchez

Roberto Sanchez

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