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Re: Converting PDF documents to text

Michael Satterwhite wrote:

Does anyone know of a good utility to convert a PDF document to text (preferably rich text so as to preserve formatting). I have a couple of documents I'd like to be able to work on in OOo.
scorpix@debian:~$ pdftotext
pdftotext version 3.00
Copyright 1996-2004 Glyph & Cog, LLC
Usage: pdftotext [options] <PDF-file> [<text-file>]
 -f <int>          : first page to convert
 -l <int>          : last page to convert
 -layout           : maintain original physical layout
 -raw              : keep strings in content stream order
-htmlmeta : generate a simple HTML file, including the meta information
 -enc <string>     : output text encoding name
 -eol <string>     : output end-of-line convention (unix, dos, or mac)
 -nopgbrk          : don't insert page breaks between pages
 -opw <string>     : owner password (for encrypted files)
 -upw <string>     : user password (for encrypted files)
 -q                : don't print any messages or errors
 -cfg <string>     : configuration file to use in place of .xpdfrc
 -v                : print copyright and version info
 -h                : print usage information
 -help             : print usage information
 --help            : print usage information
 -?                : print usage information

You need to install xpdf to use it.

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