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CD burner not working with kernel 2.6 (update, I know what's going on)


"PATA support
libata is not specific to Serial ATA. It works for Parallel ATA (a.k.a.
IDE) as well. Certainly SATA controllers such as Promise and SiS include
PATA ports on their SATA controllers. Here is a post which describes how
to implement PATA support, in case any engineers wish to tackle the

Update 2004/11/05: A preliminary patch for Promise PATA support is
available in the libata-dev patch queue, and a patch to add support for
one of Promise's PATA controllers to sata_promise has been posted on the
linux-ide mailing list.

Update 2005/01/07: libata will be gaining full support for PATA,
including older chipsets and devices with buggy/problematic designs.
PATA will be fully supported, as will SATA."

I think what's happening is that the kernel is using libata because there's
an SATA drive, even though it's encountering PATA drives and therefore
not working (hence the drive not supported message in my dmesg). While
there might be a way around this, it's most certainly complicated and
time consuming so I'm not in a hurry to figure it out.

The drive worked on earlier 2.6 kernels (Gentoo around september and
SUSE 9.1), but I strongly suspect that if I had upgraded to SUSE 9.2 or
stuck with Gentoo this problem would have emerged on both of them as
I got the newer kernel. I am unwilling to go back to 2.4 due to
responsiveness issues.

Until Debian-testing brings in a 2.6 kernel with a libata version that supports
PATA drives, the burner is going in my server. The server also has SATA,
but it's running OpenBSD so it doesn't have problems doing PATA and
SATA at the same time (Linux 2.4 also seems to work fine in that situation).

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