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Re: Connecting securely to a Linux machine from a web browser wit hout Java

> > Does anyone have any ideas on the following?  I'm trying to connect to a
> > Linux machine using some secure protocol, but I'm in the situation of having
> > to use a Windows machine with no JVM installed.  I'm also not in a position
> > to modify the Windows machine in any way (although I'll try to get Java
> > installed - but with no guarantee of success), but it's my Linux machine, so
> > I can install anything I want to there.
> > Any ideas whether this is even possible?

> If you can at least download a file, you could try putty and ssh and login
> to a shell.  There's no need to install putty on the Windows machine, just
> use the binary executable. 
> http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/download.html


I guess it depends on what you mean by "securely".  An
arbitrary Windows machine connected to the internet is 
likely to contain spywhere, such as keystroke-recorders.
So even if you use ssh, your password could be captured at
the source.

But yes, putty probably the best solution for remote-terminal
access if you believe the Windows box is secure.

If you want to run GUI apps, tho, you'll need something
else, such as an X server for the Windows box or a VNC
viewer and appropriate port forwarding (for VNC it's 5900+n 
where n is the display number).  I've used tightvnc.org's 
viewer on Windows myself to good effect.  


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