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Re: Cannot get resolution just by edit /etc/XF86Config PLS help.

As Jim mentioned, XFree86 does not work as one expect
as far as newer video chipsets are concerned,
which I could have found in some debaian install
related magazin published mid last year I found

Besides;How can I 'Xorg' to serve for me?

Anyone could tell me about it?

And simultaneously,I try to see manually tuning 
setting the frequency and all that.
because there seems no other alternatives around.

Further help will be wellcome.
Thank you for your attention.


#Today for another 7 to 8 hours I am away.
#So please do not get uneasy even if there would be
#no response from me.
#Thank you.

> Look in XFree86.conf file and see if the Device is
> set to "Vesa" , if so
> , you can't get
> any higher settings, your video chipset is not being
> reconized by debian.
> XFree86 seems like it doesn't reconize a number of
> the newer video chipsets.
> Xorg does a much better job at that.
> Jim

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