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Re: connection speed when using pon

Gene Heskett wrote:
On Sunday 30 January 2005 17:55, Paul wrote:

Is there a way to get the modem connection speed when using
pppconfig's pon?

I've tried this tip (by googling):


but it doesn't work .. maybe pppd and pppconfig are different now
than in 1998.


Generally speaking, such an option is not available because the protocol between the modems automaticly selects the fastest, reasonably error free speed that can be obtained from that line. All this takes place in the background, and if the line proves to be too noisey, a 'retrain' session may interrupt your download while the modems re-negotiate a slower, less error prone speed. The speed options you see on your side of the modem generally are confined to the seriel port to modem linkage, and for a 57kilobaud connection between the modems, it can be as high as 230kilobaud, but this is only up and down the cable. The modems do the buffering there.

Thanks .. I now see that the file /var/log/ppp-connect-errors:

root :/var/log# cat ppp-connect-errors
Closing "/etc/ppp/speed".
chat:  Jan 30 17:42:50 CONNECT 45333
Closing "/etc/ppp/speed".
chat:  Jan 30 18:01:18 CONNECT 49333
chat:  Jan 30 18:16:52 CONNECT 46667
chat:  Jan 30 18:32:37 CONNECT 48000
chat:  Jan 30 20:10:22 CONNECT 48000

so, this apparently is what it thinks it's connected at. I don't understand why this appears here instead of in /etc/ppp/speed, where the chat -r' option should be putting it. But, it's something anyway.

Are you saying this isn't a meaningful number to use to compare connection speed?


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