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Re: Unofficial Debian User Forums unsubscribe UNSUBSCRIBE unsubscribe updated debian development diagram -- comments? updating video driver Upgrade kernel from 2.67? upgraded kde3.3.1 not working properly. Need help. upgrading spamassassin 2.55 to 3.0.2 on woody from sources Upgrading system disk Re: UPnP music server in Debian/Linux? USB cd burning in 2.6.8-2 USB Flash Drives & Automatic Mounting? USB HD External Drawer from Gamapower usb keyb+mouse gets disconnected while booting, with knoppix, ubuntu, ... USB mp3-player won't recharge USB on Debian usb printer usb problem: usb system refuses to recognize hardware User environment and gdm/xdm Using screen with a wyse60 usplash in debian ? UTF-8 or latin1 garbage on console Vanilla vs Debian 2.6 Kernels Vanished kernel. Re: Vanished kernel. (Solved) vfat module fails to load Video surveillance options VLC problem vncserver wont start gui voice editor [was: Re: Playing tone through speakers] VoIP using regular phone using software and existing modem VPN through ethernet card Wanting to use a gui with Debian. WARNING: .udevdb already exists on the old /dev/! Warnning only real low prices for the best software drive WAV to MP3, was Re: HowTo convert .mp3 to .wav web archive Web browser weirdness webmail.<mydomain> Webmin-Usermin Websec Weird behavior for a bash script Re: Weird behavior for a bash script [SOLVED] Weird networking problems (caused by noapic?). weird time problem wget times out - but ftp works OK What can make DNS lookups slow? Re[3]: What can make DNS lookups slow? [semi-solved] What do I lose using a stock rather than a Debian kernel? what does banned from irc mean What does i386 exactly mean? what is a "udeb"? Re: What is best time esitimate for What is best time esitimate for Sarge -> Stable? what is my IP? What is the different between cron executing and shell execution? What to do when a bug report is not accepted? What Version of Debian am I Running? what's eating the space? When is is appropriate to do a group-reply to the list? When sarge goes stable Whence cometh grove.log Where did my CD-ROM drive disappear to Where did my menu items go? Where is "local_domains" defined? where is my free disk space? Where is the documentation for /etc/environment? Where is the PATH set? where is the thunderbird 1.0 and xfce4.2 Where to put the PDA ? Where to submit bug report? Which kernel to use? why can't i compile a 2.6.10 kernel? why cups so rarely works "out of the box" Why does C-s lock up xterm? Why doesn't ide-cd autoload on Debian 2.6.10 stock kernel? Re: Why Grub? Must I Switch? Why My Modem is confuse, including me ? Wierd Exim4 Problem WindowMaker screen behaviour Windows Key Mapping Re: Windows vs Linux Functionality? wings3d Wmaker compiled without drag n drop wmv files - some doesn't play won't boot; kernel panics; crc error; memory dump -- help? Won't install on an ol' Dell? woody installation: printers mainly but also mailscanner Re: Woody or Sarge WP60 (was Re: Debian on an old PC) writing boot/shutdown messages to file wvdial wvdial redial problem X problem - desktop too big for screen size. X server can't display 1280x1024 with mga (G550) and LCD Samsung 193P X-Serving Multiple Virtual Console X-Ten X-Lite beta for Linux Re: xcdroast Xemacs info problems with testing XF86Config-4 and XDMCP XF86Setup Command how to execute ? XFCE4: Fonts are smaller if X was started by 'startx' XFree86 + Radeon 9200se XKB-Error Message on logon after upgrade to Gnome 2.6 in SID XMMS broken XMMS produces tons of errors with ALSA output xpdf and transparent png images xserver installation Xserver monitor Setting.....? xserver-xfree86 : monitor out of sync Xvfb problem xwindows ati rage 128 pro Yes, libflac4 is broken, breaks amarok, juk, and others Your CPU does not support long mode. Use a 32bit distribution zsh and bash [was: can't the shell do a better job] ZSNES 1.40 Compile - OpenGL Black Screen The last update was on 19:28 GMT Sun Jun 17. There are 4496 messages. Page 9 of 9.

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