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Re: Cd burning with kernel 2.6.10

On Tuesday 18 January 2005 01:27, Garrett McLean wrote:
> Hm. If you're correct, a proper bug about the issue needs to be filed
> and something needs to be done to handle it. I guess the bug would be
> filed with the kernel? And I suppose a patch is in order? I don't have
> enough technical knowledge to follow this kind of thing up, but it would
> be nice if someone would! I can't really afford new hardware at this
> point...though I am tempted. Thanks for your help!

A bug was filled both with the kernel (http://bugzilla.kernel.org/ - no 3741) 
and with debian (as I said below)

Unfortunately I don't think it is patchable.  The drive was clearly 
interrupting relating to a command that (from the kernel's perspective) had 
already completed properly so time ago - and in the middle of the next 
command that was being processed.  This should not have happened according to 
the IDE ATAPI specifications.  The drive was not performing correctly.

I suspect that its a firmware issue with the drive - it was entirely 
consistent, occuring on one specific command.  Unfortunately I could not find 
a way of notifying cyberdrive about it.

> >
> >If you want to follow what happened and see if it applies to you - look at
> > bug no 265747

Alan Chandler
First they ignore you, then they laugh at you,
 then they fight you, then you win. --Gandhi

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